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Somewhere Under the Great Pacific Garbage Patch…

Good morning. Good afternoon. Good evening. Good night.

Dreadnought Magellan, Lady Conciliator, Great Mycelium Network (you’ve grown!), Cargo Cult of the Modulos, esteemed teletypists, cartographers, colleagues - I humbly appear before you to report on the State of the Corps.

Old Business: MAPSQUEST Sales


MAPSQUEST has performed well given the current environment (pandemic, burning oceans, excessive eye strain, pavolvian Zoom fatigue.) Proceeds ($403 + $3.08 + $3.00 = $409.08) have been transmitted to the We are in early stages of exploring further collaboration efforts. Further proceeds from MAPSQUEST will be used to fund future Map Corps endeavors.


Old Business: MAPSQUEST Markets


You will be pleased to see a healthy spread on this map. The mentats suggest we target APAC markets next.

New Business: Sidereal Lobby


The triple debut release of Sidereal Lobby has proven to be a success as well. From everywhere and all at once. This release did necessitate upgrading our Bandcamp to a “Label” account which has increased our OpEx from $0 annually to $240 annually. This is a dramatic increase but an important step in the growth of the netlabel.

Sidereal Lobby hosted an impromptu listening party for the release:

New Business: Flash Crash


Flash Crash continues to be a source of inspiration and focus for the community. The next event is scheduled for October 16th, 02021 and will feature a “cyber horror” theme. Cartographer Non Verbal Poetry is leading the creative direction for the event.

New Business: Dr. Jerry Mander

Dr. Jerry Mander is up to his old tricks again. No further action is requested now but we are monitoring the situation.

New Business: New Releases

Another mapcore compilation is in the works, tentatively titled “code-avre-exquis.” Early discussion are beginning with artists for other releases.