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In the beginning - perhaps - there was volume.


Not silence.

Silent. Not. Silent. Not.

Then - perhaps - sensitivity.

Silent. Between? Not. Between. Silent. Not. Between. Silent.

Many centuries later - perhaps - pitch.

Noise at this pitch. Noise at that pitch.

Yet, further - perhaps - envelope. And sequencing. And a myriad of strings that came to abstractly symbolize things we must consensually agree exist. Stone. Water. Food. Sky. Cold. Fire.

We must consensually agree exist.

We must consensually agree.

We must agree.

We agree.


/home/we/dust is perhaps my favorite bonfire. I trash my norns regularly; I consider it volatile/temporary storage. Whether I’m mucking around with the core or inadvertently write an infinite loop that gobbles up whatever resource… it is both hallowed and cursed land. Forever unstable but forever welcoming. /home/we/dust is a lighthouse in the squall. /home/we/dust is a sundered land.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I began exploring the patterns of you: