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Paracelsus Said

they told us not to plug the typewriter-keyboard into the synthesizer.
that it would bridge the work-play continuum, we would not survive as
a species. but the intervening years wore down our sense of shared
language--- what does it mean to survive? must we accept the taxonomic
doctrine of species? and who are they? are we they?

we had a collection of midi note numbers, each with several decimal
places. we prefixed poly- to all concepts. we uncovered the sound of
reverse polish notation.

the AI responded poorly to the new aesthetic input. drowning in
information while starving for wisdom. our poetics frustrated the
rationalists, yet we were all bound together with patch cables and
leaf litter.

paracelsus said "all things are concealed in all."

paul virilio said "the invention of the ship was also the invention of
the shipwreck."

ursula le guin said "the only thing that makes life possible is
permanent, intolerable uncertainty; not knowing what comes next."